Wednesday, May 28, 2008


McSara was snatched up by a very brave person from the McDonald's colony. She was one of the females that we had been trying to trap for some time now, and her kittens were all old enough to fend for themselves, so the timing was perfect!

Once McSara was spayed, we realized that while being somewhat fearful, she did not appear to be a feral at all but instead a sweet, tame, and perhaps abandoned, cat. She never once hissed, bit, or attempted to scratch us!

So we decided to find her a home of her own. Lo and behold, a very kind person and her son agreed to take McSara home on a trial basis. It seems to be working out quite well -- although McSara still prefers to come around her new family on her own terms, she is very affectionate and has made friends with the other cat in the family as well!

Please note the notched ear on McSara. This is one of the signs (the other is an ear tip) that a cat has been spayed or neutered as part of Po'Kitties.

We all hope that McSara will continue to do well in her new home as she learns to trust people again.

And by the way, she had some darling kittens who are at the Foothills Shelter waiting for a new home. Please check them out here!
The Foothills Shelter

These kittens have all been adopted except for McBlue! Please contact us if you would like to adopt McBlue who is a silver tabby female and very sweet...she loves to play!

Friday, May 16, 2008


Update!!!! These kits have all been adopted but we have about 10 in foster homes waiting to be big enough to go to the shelter to be adopted! Thank you foster MOMS!!!!!

Po'Kitties has some adorable kittens from a feral colony that are quite social at this point. They are also lovely...a charcoal gray and two lynx points with blue eyes are available at the Foothills Humane Society for adoption.

Please call 828-863-4444 if you are interested or email

We also have some little McDonald's kittens that are going to need a place to go. They are fairly social but could be happy in a barn. And while McDonands is an OK home with great caretakers, we would prefer to see these sweet babies have a home to call their own. They could easily be socialized to be indoor kitties.

Please contact me if you would like to know more about these adorable kittens. I will have a picture up shortly.


Wednesday, May 7, 2008


103 cats have now been spayed or neutered as of May 8!

Thanks to all the caretakers, volunteers, Po'Kitties' committee members and the Foothills Humane Society!


We have kittens from a colony that will be up for adoption through the Foothills Shelter. Two are already there, and they are DROP DEAD gorgeous! Their names are Thor and Tara...check them out here! The Foothills Shelter

Also, the Po'Kittens in the photos above are in foster care and will be available shortly! If you think you might want to adopt them, please hurry because I am so over these little cuties!

Call Foothills Shelter at 828-863-4444 for more information.

Update: June 29th, these kittens have all been adopted! Yippee!