Wednesday, April 8, 2009

How Precious are WE?????

We,the kittens, were found in a dumpster at Larkins Restaurant in Lake Lure. We are about as lucky as kittens can get because a very nice man and lady pulled us out and kept us warm...and ALIVE!

That is not all these amazing folks did....they trapped our mother that same night who appeared to be feral!!!!! That is amazing! Can you believe the dedication of these folks? We were taken to the Foothills Shelter and the lady had us inside her jacket and our Mom was in the trap. We could only stay at the shelter no more than 24 hours so we are now in a foster home where we are one big happy family..Our eyes are now open and we are just starting to creep around...we are all 4 gorgeous!

Our Mom is the best Mom....she is beautiful and not as feral as once thought...perhaps she had an owner in the not so distant past.....she lets folks pet her ever so gently and never hisses or anything...this is helping us to go right up to the humans....

We will all be up for adoption in several weeks....or more like a month or more.....

Thank goodness for these two folks who saved us..they could not have been any kinder or done a better job of saving our family.

And we are grateful!

Pong, Alpha, Beta and Zed