Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Gully Street Cats Need YOUR Help!

My name is Gully and I need your help! Polk County has begun trapping my colony as of today and we need to be relocated .....I am mostly tame, a little scared, and very healthy having been checked out and tested at the vet's office today.

If you or any of your friends are in need of a couple of barn cats and are willing to provide food and water, the healthy cats may be relocated to barns or sheds where they have a person willing to care for them. Some of these cats, like Gully, may be tame enough to be adopted to a home.

This is a large colony and we really need you to spread the word that we need folks to help us save these cats.

We have a few offers for homes but nowhere near the amount we will need to save most the healthy

These cats will be healthy, spayed or neutered, and given a rabies shot before they are relocated.

Please if you can help, email or call 828-894-5313.

Please forward this to your cat loving friends!

Thank you so much!


Gully....the first kitten from the colony.